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Please support Rocky Mountain Llamas: for all your Llama tack and packing needs:

Pleas support pStyle for women’s urinary devices:

Please support Mazuri, a world leader in quality nutrition for virtually every living exotic animal — including llamas!

Companies We Support:

Here’s a link to that fabulous food freeze dryer company:

For great Mountain House backpacking food, go here: 

For wonderful Backpacker’s Pantry food, go here:

PCT, Planning Tools, ETC.

Pacific Crest Trail Association (for permit information, rules, regs, advice, information, etc. — a great resource):

To check out Craig’s PCT Planner, go here:

For information about specific resupply points, shipping addresses and details, etc, click here (be sure to read comments for most recently updated information):

To read more about PCT hikers’ experiences, check out Halfway’s Complete Thru Hiker Survey (2018) and Halfway’s Complete Thru Hiker Survey (2017).  

For “A collection of stories, guides, photos, videos, and (mostly incoherent) ramblings from my hikes, travels, and adventures across the world,” check out Mac Halfway Anywhere’s outstanding website, blog, etc. Best on out there!

For Halfway’s free PCT maps, apps, etc. (they’re fab!), go here: Halfmile’s PCT Maps

21 Tips for First Time Thru Hikers — Excellent article from Clever Hiker.

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