Hitting the PCT

It’s Friday night. Tomorrow, I wake up and begin hiking the PCT. I can’t believe it’s almost time to hit the trail, to bring to life a dream that I have had since 1981 when I first learned about thru-hiking from a book by a fellow who had just finished hiking the Appalachian Trail. I was married then and planned to hike the AT with my husband (silly me!). A couple of years later, we moved to California and I heard about this marvelous trail being created that started at the US-Canada border, ran 2650 miles through 7 mountain ranges, and ended at the US-Mexico border. It was initially conceptualized as a north-to-south hike. Today, the vast majority of hikers travel south-to-north, from Mexico to Canada. The PCT was finally completed in the 1990s and it became a beacon for me. A siren song. It called to me.

Tomorrow morning, I will finally, finally, answer that call…

I can hardly breath, I am so excited.

I’m also filled with trepidation. The question, What the hell do you think you’re doing? has become an all too familiar refrain. And the thought, You do realize there are rattle snakes out there, has be the source of regular shivers

So, excitement and trepidation. And a little fear.

But mostly it’s excitement laced with all the joy that comes from a dream realized.

On the trail, I’ll write short daily dispatches about what I’m seeing, experiencing, thinking about. I’ll upload them here whenever possible. Expect them once a week or thereabouts. Towns are days apart on the trail.

If you would like to follow my progress on the trail, you can click this link to access a map that shows where I am on the trail (within 1 hour): https://share.garmin.com/RiverStillwood, password: wheresriver

From that site, you can also send me short text messages, as well. Please do! I’d love to hear from you on the trail.

Hope you have a fab spring and summer. Look for me here. I’ll come home after I reach Canada, or give it the best shot I have!

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