On Monday, April Fool’s Day 2019, Dalai Llama and I will set laced boots and two-toed feet on the dusty Pacific Crest Trail at the US-Mexico border. After commemorative photos at the Southern Terminus in Campo, California, we plan to walk the entire length of  the 2650 mile trail to the Northern Terminus at the US-Canadian Border.  (I write “we plan.” More accurately,  plan to walk the entire way to Canada. Dalai Llama is about to get the unfolding surprise of his life!).

While many folks have section hiked the PCT with llamas, I haven’t found any record of anyone who’s done the entire thru hike, start to finish with a llama. I don’t know if we’ll be the first, but we definitely want to add our names to the list.

As we traverse the length of California, Oregon, and Washington, I’ll be blogging and vlogging the trek. A lot will happen on the trail. There will be adventures and mishaps, challenges and successes, and simply astounding natural wonders to share.  We — I, with a benevolent nod from Dalai — hope you’ll join us on this grand adventure.

The journey will take five to six months, require a fair amount of equipment, and cost a small fortune. If you’d like to support our trek, you’re enthusiastically invited to help us through donations of gear, supplies and/or funds. We promise to be appreciative and give thanks not only directly, but also by including you on “Our Sponsors”  page on this website, in our blog (including equipment reviews), in the vlog and vlog credits, on social media, and in the book I’ll write after we finish.

If you’d like to sponsor us (and we’d love it if you did!), please click here.

You can also support our trek by purchasing something from our little gift shop.

We hit the trail in:

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